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Here are the titles to the 13 modules.
1. Introduction and Safety
2. Cultivating Rapport
3. Setup
4. Crossing the Bridge
5. Hand Above the Head
6. Handshake Induction
7. More inductions
8. More inductions
9. Deepening the Trance
10. Testing Your Work
11. Communicating with the Unconscious
12. Coming Back
13. The Work (Full Hypnosis Session)

Contact Info
America: +1 480-721-2657
Australia: +61 452 008 163
Hypnosis Workshop
Thursday October 18th 2018
Galston Health and Chiropractic Center
Unit 7 346 Galston Road, Galston NSW
Morning Session 9:00am - 1:00pm
Afternoon Session 2:00pm - 6pm

Feel free to donate online whenever you like. Remember to be mindful that donating is not a prerequisite for attending the workshops and accessing the video hypnosis training.

Future Workshop times and places will be announced here on this website. Until then, feel free to access and watch the online Hypnosis Video Training Course which contains the content of the one day workshop.
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Communicating with the Unconscious Mind

Testing Your Great Work

Fun Street Hypnosis, Ojai, California Aug 2015

Fun Street Hypnosis, Tempe Market Place AZ

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Every 35 Seconds

American Society of Hypnosis Certified 2006
Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
(Richard Bandler) 2006
Practitioner Certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming April 2006
Master Certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming October 2006