Welcome to these weekly teachings of wisdom and love.

A New Earth Reality


Joy in the Changes

Momentous Earth Changes



To Recognise Change

Sharing with Great Love

The Money System and Manipilation

Recognise the beauty in yourself

The Greater Whole

Floating on Clouds

Bringing it all Home

World Events

The New Year

The Future

Finding your way and who are you


Profound Love

Being With Your Brothers

The Search for Truth


The Light That You Are


Are you still dying

Listen to the Future

Jealousy, competition and envy

Network of Thought

Making Space

Technology and Potentials

The Sound of the Universe


Keeping up with the Joneses

It's a choice; choose to be free

Living to your highest potential

Doing service for humanity

The Magic of Moonlight

Profound Being exactly where you are meant to be

Is your world real