Diamond Pulse Pro

Blue Light Technology.
Changing the frequency in the room the high energy visible blue light
has a short wavelength which scatters light more easily (such as a blue sky)
creating an effect within the room.

High energy visible blue light is known to boost alertness,
elevates mood and helps memory and cognitive function.
It is also useful for regulating circadian rhythm.

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The Field - 2 in 1 Device

• 7 blue led lights: with a frequency that can easily be adjusted:
Leave on day & night to change the field of any room
to add a little more love and a little more joy to any space
May assist with grounding, EMF, Wifi & 5G.

• Micro-current: two stainless steel rods with an electric current
that you can move through the body to interrupt the field of viruses, bacteria and pathogens.

More exciting potentials as you can adjust the frequency of the lights yourself - details below

Diamond Pulse Pro

7 Blue LEDs with an innate frequency of about 457nm (nano-meters) and a generated reflective pulse, create a field in a room that reflects back to you a lttle more joy and a little more love. This creation came as a direct download from the future and is a simple device anyone can use.

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The Field

The Field - 2 in 1 Device
The blue light field is set at a frequency designed to create a field in a room
that delivers a little more love and a little more joy.

Through a simple switch in the back of the device you can adjust the frequency which changes the field so the 7 Blue Lights will flicker on and off at a faster speed.
Some of the data we have gathered so far indicates the frequency may be used for specifc body ailments and/or heightened intuition and a connection with higher self/guides.

FREEDOM so you can 'change the field' for your own exploration and greatness.
There are many potentials in The Field device. We are excited to share the possiblities.

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The Field 2 in 1 Device

AUD $444.00 or USD $299

Information on Blue Light Technology

Information on micro-current usage, technical details and applications