The Constitution of the United States of America

I have learned so much watching "The Making of America" two dvd's created by National Center for Constitutional Studies. Here is a link to their website.
Our Founding Fathers penned several documents containing freedom loving principles. The Constitution is one of them. It is for us to understand and return to those wonderful principles. Here is one example of how their written words have been compromised. Remember the three branches of our government: Legislative, Executive and Judicial.
Section 1
"All Legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives."
Note the words "ALL LEGISLATIVE POWERS". This means that ALL Laws created at the Federal Level MUST pass through the Senate and/or the House of Representatives.
Here are four ways that our Legislative branch is being compromised
1. Executive orders are being published in the Federal Register as laws without having gone through Congress.
2. The president's regulatory agencies are doing the same without Congress intercedence. This is called Administrative Law which gives the Federal Agencies power beyond the scope of our Constitution.
3. Foreign commitments made by the president have become law without Congress consent.
4. The Supreme Court has created numerous new laws that are upheld in courts of law which have never passed through Congress.

RainFall request for Australia

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