Freedom (Our Natural State)

Freedom is our natural state and you deserve everything that you want in this life. Often, our natural state is cloaked within the confines of physical addictions, beliefs, emotional habits and thought patterns. A few months ago I heard a quote that went straight to my heart. "Everything I am, and Everything that I am not, is because of me".
A powerful way to exercise your freedom is to ask yourself the question, "What do I want?" Write down your desire on one side of a piece of paper and write down those thoughts that represent barriers to your desire on the opposite side. If the barrier is something physical, like the lack of money, ask "and why don't I have money?" Then identify the thoughts that represent barriers to your desire by asking, "Is this barrier an addiction, a belief, an emotional habit or a thought pattern?" As you play around with these ideas you may come to realise the fact that "We make it all up". We are never victims to anything outside of ourselves, unless we choose to be. So let's make different choices. Let's be free.

Protocol for Toenail and Feet Fungus (Athletes Feet)

For 3 days, then twice a week until gone, repeat the following:
1. Hot water Ionizing footbath for 45 minutes with toes close to the plates
2. After the session, put the frequency generator probes on the infected areas for 20 minutes so that the current runs through the toes and infected areas. Use very wet paper towels around the probes...two layers.

Helpful Essential Oils ...Oregano and Melaleuca
Twice a day:
1. Apply and Massage 4-5 drops of fractionated coconut oil on the infected area of each foot. 2. Apply and Massage 2 drops of Melaleuca Essential Oil on the infected area of each foot. 3. Apply and Massage 1 drop of Oregano Essential Oil on the infected area of each foot.

Protocol for Eye Infection

1. Wrap both probes with paper towels (two wraps) and soak them in water.
2. Lay down comfortably.
3. Put the black wired probe into your mouth.
4. Put the white/red wired probe all over the surface of your closed eye for 20 minutes. Be sure there is plenty of water pooling around your eye socket.
Repeat these four steps in about 12-24 hours.
To help clear the redness, use a mild solution of Boric Acid with an eye glass twice a day for a few days. Check the internet for details.

Protocol for caries (cavities) and gum infection (gingivitis)

1. Wrap both probes with paper towels (two wraps) and soak them in water.
2. Sit down comfortably.
3. Put the black wired probe into your mouth on the side of the row of teeth with the caries or infected area.
4. Put the white/red wired probe on the opposite side of that row of teeth for 20 minutes.
5. If you are working on infected gums, be sure to apply the probes to each quadrant of your mouth for 5-7 minutes. Remember your front teeth as well....a little tricky but doable. One session is usually sufficient for caries and the gums, however, follow up with 2 sessions a week for a couple of weeks.


Alison Canavan (Ireland)

"I collapsed and was rushed to hospital out of the blue. Weeks later and multiple blood tests later there was no definitive answer as to why I was so ill. My skin was bumpy, had zero energy and was losing weight fast. I began using EarthTides and initially the water was like tar, jet black! I continued with the foot baths twice to three times a week. During this time I continued to attend specialists and doctors who are experts in their fields. Still no answers! A few months after I started using EarthTides, I realised that it was pulling out whatever it was in my body that was causing me to be so ill. I invested in my own and now I continue to use it for maintenance and I also use it with my clients in my clinic. Sometimes we can't get all the answers we would like in this world but one thing I know for sure is that this machine played a huge part in me reclaiming my health and for that I will always be grateful. "

EG (Nova Scotia)

"EarthTides helps eliminate the toxins I'm exposed to daily from the environment. It helps me with fatigue, headaches and methylation. It is easy to use and very effective."

Vicki O Leary (New South Wales, Australia)

"Having a triple EarthTides means I can gather a group of friends / family together and share the ionizing body detox experience. It is a great way to connect in a quiet space where everyone is present for the 40 minutes together knowing we are doing something great for our body and our spirit. Often I play music to support the experience and we all feel lighter, almost etheric afterwards. I love this experience for myself and for others, it is like I am sharing a gift."

Kelsey (California)

"EarthTides has been crucial in my wellness protocols. I feel relieved to know that when I kill off mold, bacteria, and viruses, and mobilize heavy metals, I have support in detoxing. Leaving me free from having any detox side effects!"

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