Our Mission

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Our Mission

Our mission at EarthTides is to provide for the body a safe and effective solution for neutralizing the positive charge on heavy metals, toxins, chemicals, drugs, and pharmaceuticals accumulated in the body due to exposure to environmental positive ions from sources such as cell phone towers, HARP, Wifi, TV, and radio transmissions. Once these substances are neutralized, the magnetic effect is broken and the body is able to quickly eliminate them.

Through our innovative approach, we utilize the power of electricity to pass a controlled current of electrons through water, using two stainless steel plates. EarthTides facilitates the bodys natural detoxification processes, allowing it to expel toxins efficiently through urine, feces, and sweat, often within 1 to 48 hours. Additionally, EarthTides facilitates the removal of toxins through pores in the arms and feet during the session.

Another barrier to a balanced body is pathogens. Fungus, bad bacteria, viruses, worms, and many other types of pathogens are constantly threatening the well being of the body. As a result, we incorporated a micro current device with EarthTides. By orchestrating a flow of electrons through the body, you create a different terrain which helps the body efficiently get rid of these entities.

Our commitment to promoting overall wellness drives us to continually innovate and provide accessible solutions for detoxification and revitalization.