The Arrow of Time - Introduction

The Arrow of Time
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This section, this room is called The Arrow of Time. Every incremental step along your timeline builds a greater sense of who you are no matter how minute the step, or stagnant it may seem. The arrow of time is an exploration into rooms and dimensions of reality that carefully tread within and beyond the scope of time. Each room that we move into in this exploration will bring forward more and more facets of time than you may have previously understood. The reason that it will bring more facets of time is because the objective of The Compendium of Thought is to open doors through doors through doors through doors. If we take one door - and swing it open - that talks about time as a constructed reality that is in agreement with the people on the human planet, we have many variables to be exposed to within that one single concept.

As an example, even though time on the planet Earth is synchronised and coordinated and agreed-upon to be the same 12 hours, 24 hours, 60 seconds, months, days, years, within each different culture, country, and household right to the individual, the way that time is appreciated and experienced is different. How is that that certain individuals can feel that time goes forever and is very slow while others feel it is very fast? Why is it that in some countries their sense of time and urgency within time is very different to others?

This is the background information that will give you a small glimpse on time within your own reality on the human planet and how a singularly agreed-upon concept can have so much variability. When we extrapolate that into other dimensions and other planets, we start to build a great mass of thought and understanding around time being very fluid, manipulatable and although unseen, incredibly useful once you know how to use it. If you are at all interested in time travel, teleportation or bilocation, wormholes, black holes, middle earth, and your own personal life on its singular timeline as you know it, including your recognised point of death - predetermined if it may be - these are some of the doors we will open.

The arrow of time once you understand it is one of the most beautiful and magnificent creations. Most species, beings, gods, and great minds utilise time and move with this as a known reality. I look forward to sharing this exploration in time with you as we go in to each room and open deeper and deeper awareness of what time is on all planes of reality.

To start this exploration become completely aware of yourself in time right now. Consider the positioning of the sun, the wax or wane of the moon, the season, the wristwatch, phone, timepiece and all markers around you that let you know you are in time. And this is where we start. Or is it where we finish - in time?

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