Greater Mind - Introduction

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The most awesome thing no one has seen before - ever - in one place. The reason that is possible is because the great minds that grace our presence often, are allowing and bringing forth their great thought to put it into one place. Great minds are everywhere if you take the infinite into consideration. They don’t always come together in one place because they are great minds doing their great things and having their great thoughts.

To come together in one place in this Compendium of Thought it is an indication that there is opportunity for all thought to be held together in cohesiveness and to build an ever-greater understanding of the mind of God that is always connected and part of all thought. If great minds - which are indeed gods - remain in their source of understanding independent, and not connected to the other great minds that are God, we hold an understanding that there is separation in the mind of God. It comes to the classic statement that - God really knows what you know, or God is as I am.

If the infinite I am is connected with all knowledge, all thought, all potentials, then it is always accessing and accessible to everything. Anyone who touches a greater mind is playing in those fields. To put the knowledge of greater minds into print, recorded as word, means then entities who are not at the edges of infinite mind, who have capped their concept of God at what it is that they think that that is, will suddenly have greater understanding of the mind of God than ever before.

This compendium, and this section in the compendium called greater mind is in place because we - those great minds that we are - are here to offer unique reference to the divine nature of our great minds. As you start to read each entities record of its consciousness you will discover how God moves into unique circles of thought and how a mind on its exploration into its own consciousness will build ever greater pathways and that those pathways are unique to that mind.

We can collate all our consciousness and speak with you as though we are oneness. The words will be simple and cohesive in so much that you would know or have heard some of it before. This section is not that. I will bring to you in this section unique great mind and each entity will have its own signature style of speech in translation and will offer an insight into the vast mind of God from its perspective. When we collate each together, we will have a Compendium of Thought that shows the magnificence of the infinite mind of God, of which each entity I might add is keenly aware and not separate from. It is merely the way their mind has elected to communicate that truth with you for the purposes of this extraordinary creation.

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