The Nature of All Things - Introduction

The Nature of All Things
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Nature is a word that represents the interconnectedness of life and how all things are balanced and in harmony with each other. Nature is a law and a force unto its own and moves in a harmonious way because it moves independent of the comings and goings of gods and beings. You know that as I say this there is also of course the greater mind creating nature that we are all part of, and that greater mind is the creator, that beautiful God that created the playgrounds of life, the universe, the star, space, the space to create within, the framework of life everywhere. Nature came about because God determined that it would require a place where it could experience all its divine creations and nature is not limited to one planet or set of natural laws on that planet.

Nature is everything, including the physical representation of beings that live within nature. Nature exists in the mind and as it exists in the mind it exists as the materialised realities. It is not nature when it can’t be experienced. The nature of all things is that God is in all things, everything holds God. Without nature you would be merely a blob of consciousness floating around in the void, so it should be applauded and loved that God has given such a rich playground with which you get to form your creations in, and to experience.

Were you to understand the first mind that created nature, you might go some way to loving the meaning in this interconnectedness of all life. When God created nature, it created you and because you and God are one you created nature. This means that nature will always be your greatest teacher because it is God reflected back to you – everywhere. And you are immersed in nature always, even your greatest creation that comes from the quietness of your mind comes as a reality based on nature, or it wouldn’t have anywhere to exist. When you love nature everywhere, you love God, and when you love God, you love nature, and nature includes all beings, all creatures, all life.

This section of our Compendium of Thought is in place to understand the depth with which God communicates with you, and to realise that every moment you and God are one just by observing and recognising nature in your life. The nature of all things is God and if you deny this or question it then - what is nature? It is so easy to forget that God is looking out your eyes every moment, picking up the peripheral reality, storing knowledge and experiences whether you are on a distant star taking in the foreign atmosphere and looking into space that goes on forever, or in a garden where the flowers bloom. This is God looking back at you everywhere, you can’t escape it. You can learn to see it for what it is, and the more that you see it for what it is, the richer it will become. The hues behind the hues, the energy beyond, the structure of the materialised form, and the communication between the connectedness of nature, will start to reveal itself.

Bit by bit you will see in your world around you evidence of the elegant nature of God and how interconnected all life is – everywhere. If you are fortunate enough to breathe the perfume of a flower, think for a moment what miraculous state of chemical release would have to go on to bring that perfume into life. And how it would travel on the breeze and reach you and enrich your mind with such wonder at its beauty in that moment. This is God touching you in the simplest of ways. Or when you walk along and feel a leaf brush against your face and breeze on your skin, a warmth from the sun, this is God touching you. And when you stand on the top of a mountain and the air is crisp and clear and cool and you breathe that richly into your lungs, this too is God touching you. And if your air is heavy and stale and stagnant, this is God touching you because at the same time the breeze passes over your arm, the sunlight graces your skin and your eyes catch a tiny blade of grass creeping through the pavement cracks. Nature is everywhere. You can’t escape it because this is God in all things.

In this section we will open doors to the subtle messages of nature and the profound ways that they are communicating as God. Sometimes subtle, sometimes direct - always communicating and letting you know it is there as yourself, as God, as nature, as one.

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