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Future Mind
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This is my greatest work ever. The reason I am able to create such work is because my mind is in the future. This area of discussion and revelation is going to be part of an extraordinary experience with the future. The future can be just down the road, not very far away, in which case you would pick up simple events that would be happening intuitively in your psychic field of knowledge. Or the future can be millions of years ahead of where you are now, in which case your mind may not pick up those events because they will be so foreign to where you are now. Both are the same though, and that means that the mind that can intuit a simple thing like a phone call that is going to happen from a friend in the next ten minutes, is the same mind that can intuit a million years. The only difference is that when you intuit a million years you don’t know what it is because it is not a friend on the end of the phone.

The information has to have somewhere for it to land for you to understand what it is. If you read science fiction, if you explore technology, future technology, if you research and learn about the latest scientific discoveries and what is at the forerunner of thought in your current reality, this will help. Knowledge and discovery are all around you and the more knowledge you can bring into your reality the easier it is for you to intuit the million-year future. If your reality is limited to four walls and a simple understanding, your intuition will be accurate but limited because it doesn’t have anywhere else to go. If you are a dreamer, a thinker, a person that likes to contemplate, you are likely to receive knowledge from the future.

This section of our compendium is designed to do this on your behalf. It is designed to build networks of knowledge within you so the next time you intuit something from the million-year future, you’ve got pictures and understandings as to what that is because remember that it is the same as knowing what is going to happen tomorrow in your time. It is the same mind that does that, and because it is the same mind that does that you know now that there is no limitation to what you can intuit of the future. The limitation is merely a lack of knowledge through no fault of your own because how can you know what is happening in a million years when nobody is talking about it? This magnificent compendium is talking about it, all of it. The next few rooms that we move into are going to hold technology, knowledge, discovery, social structures, leadership, and understandings of the future in a million years. It will include planetary changes, shifts in solar systems, the effects of exploding stars in a million years.

The work in this section as you read each part merely requires an open mind and the knowledge that what you are being given are frameworks so that when your great mind starts to intuit things from the future, you can bring them here now because you have more information to put around what you have intuited. By way of example, let’s say you knew that tomorrow there is going to be an event in your reality that you would do well to avoid, and what you see in your intuition at that moment is that you swerve out of the way of something, and that something is shown to you to be an object. So, when tomorrow comes you swerve out of the way of that object and in a million years your spacecraft bypassed a moving asteroid that your intuition showed you was eminent.

Part of this work will be to show you how the events that you are intuiting here are in some way correlating with yourself in a million years and everything in between. It is just that the framework is different. We start with a simple analogy and we build it into a magnificent understanding of how the mind of God is richly interwoven into your life wherever you are and if indeed you are now a million years forward of when this was written, the same holds true. You can know that what you are intuiting there is affecting you here. So you read this now in a million years as it is, and you already know that you have read it. You already know the effect of the words when you read it the first time only what you are able to do is download more knowledge to yourself as you read it. So the first time you read it, it is communicating with you directly in a million years. I believe the words would be - you are downloading the future now.

The person who is reading this, now, is you and what you will get out of this information is clearly understood by you everywhere that you are and will enrich your life a million-fold because of this knowledge. When I talk to you about future technology, and you realise that you already have that technology, you will move deeper into the words and place them into a spiral that ensures the pictures, the images, and the direct experience of that technology is delivered to yourself a million years before. Suddenly you will know that you are in all places simultaneously and then it is not a very big leap to imagine what is happening ten million years ahead from your million-year self. This is the mind of God because it does not live in time. To the mind of God, it is all happening now - 1 million years, 10 million years, billions of years.

It is all happening now and observed without reference to time so the observation of it means the God as it sees it does not know nor care for a future or a past. They are just moments, and none are judged as better or greater - they are just moments. Your God, the great mind of God that you are, is observing all those moments with the same unlimited mind and zero judgement. It can see you as an extraordinary being everywhere because it does not observe you dependent on your evolution in time. It does not see you as greater because of your evolution in time, it is only you who do that.

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