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Enki Speaks
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When Vedic texts were first discovered they had infinite amount of wisdom around creation. Their description of how gods created universes, atmospheres, water, skies, star, sun, moon, planet, creatures, and then would birth new creations, is all recorded in those texts. Those texts then became the basis for numerous religions and the religions are the teachings that millions of people on this planet currently follow. A lot of your Hindu, Indian and Eastern European religions come from the Vedic teachings.

The entities that first put together the Vedic texts knew that there was not going to be a clear source of creation on this planet, or this plane, for a very, very, long time so all they could do was provide stories for many minds to observe and think it was the way everything was created. So, the stories of Lord Shiva, the stories of Hindu gods, the stories of Ganesh, the stories of these gods are a way that creation was recorded for others to think about how life started.

Dream time, indigenous cultures, ancient old peoples of the earth have similar but different concepts of creation: skies moved into moons, water births creatures, out of the mouth of a God comes the lotus flower. It doesn’t matter how they have presented; they were all the pictures that they could offer to teach people that creation exists.

Millions of years on - if you talk in time - greater understanding of creation starts to form and those Vedic texts are still interplaying with how entities understand creation. The reason that they are still playing through is because they have to because those texts explain the interconnectedness of all life. They are not talking about independent singular creations; they are talking about the gods that knew how everything went together.

The reason to discuss, and understand about creation by gods, is because you are Gods and when you know you are Gods, then all the stories of creation, however they have been presented, become part of your repertoire of knowing the scale with which you can create and have done. The formation of all reality – universe, life, star, moon, sun - is created by God and you are one of those gods that created all of it. If you listen to the teachings from the Vedic texts which were then handed down and massaged into various religious texts through most cultures from the East, what you have is a knowledge of creation that is pictorially accurate, even though it is showing you that you are independent of those beings that created it.

It is designed to give you an awareness of the type of mind that would be able to create like that. Someone brought that information into the earth and someone knew how it would eventually translate. That someone is the topic for this area for our Compendium of Thought and it is going to be delightful to explore who that someone is and the names that it goes by.

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