X Chronicles - Introduction

X Chronicles
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When the X Chronicles were created, they were created as a place where great minds could gather and share their consciousness in an audience that would be holding the open mind (refer to Great Beings - X Chronicles).

In our X Chronicles section, we can only hold audience and speak to these great beings if indeed we have something to offer that they don’t already know, that they haven’t already been exposed to, that hasn’t already been contemplated. Now that is not a simple request of any consciousness because what it is stating by putting this in verbal and recorded wisdom is that if you were in audience with the greatest minds of the universe, how would you know what to say that could be anything more than what they already know? How could you bring anything forward that they would be interested in?

The greatest scientists on your plane of demonstration on earth struggle with this often. They are with their peers and colleagues and they have a new contemplation, evidence, formula of understanding that they then present and bring forward at risk of being ridiculed or ignored or shut down. Now our great beings thankfully don’t have judgement or competition as their agenda, but they do have great minds.

So, if we were to stand with these entities in front of us what would we say and how would we frame any question or knowledge that would enrich the audience, the self, and be further reaching than where those minds already are? This is extraordinary. In the contemplation of it alone your mind is being pressed to meet those minds and to recognise the greatness of itself, the absolute knowingness of itself without judgement, without fear, without shrinking back into the thought that it can’t possibly do this or be this.

The sheer contemplation of what the X Chronicles represent will be enough to press your mind. Number one, to being in alignment with those great beings (refer to Great Beings - X Chronicles). Number two, to have the understanding that in communing with those great beings you are with their consciousness and absorbing it into yourself as the great self that you are - the mind of God. Number three, taking the great leap forward that what now comes to your mind can indeed be considered by those great beings as a magnificent and extraordinary mind.

This is the introduction to the X Chronicles. The work that we do to move into the X Chronicles will be Xtraordinary.

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