Truth Love Freedom Joy - Introduction

Truth Love Freedom Joy
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Within The Compendium of Thought there is embedded numerous codes and prophesied events that are not detailed in complete defined words. In the section truth love freedom and joy we begin to connect those codes and prophesied events into everyday living.

The way that The Compendium of Thought touches greater mind consciousness and reaches certain entities in exactly the right moment, at exactly the right time, will release an ongoing field that resonates specifically with truth love freedom and joy. This will mean that whomever connects with The Compendium of Thought, at whatever point in time that may occur, each word that is read is picked up and communicated to bring forth greater understanding of truth love freedom and joy everywhere – everywhere – everywhere.

To communicate directly with a mass consciousness that is a long way from those four words meets such powerful resistance that it is a long time before those dots are connected. So rather than attempt to continually awaken a species of individuals determined by the most part to remain asleep, we know that the written, spoken, read, received consciousness in The Compendium of Thought will activate the codes and prophecies that will bring these fields into play.

To make the record straight, this is not a seeded thought, this is a created set of potentials that snowball in their affect because of the ability of the words in The Compendium of Thought to open doors and for those doors to be held open against even the most closed mind. This is the magnificence of the correlating field between truth love freedom and joy and The Compendium of Thought. As it is so it is.

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