IX - Introduction

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When you push yourself beyond all the known realities and you continue to offer the divine that you are an unknown potential, where you end up is in unknowns. Those unknowns you reach are so far from who you are that you won’t be able to identify with who you think you are at any point in those unknowns. If you attempt to look back to who you are and hold onto any aspect of the identity, then your ability to keep pushing forward into the unknowns, will of course be anchored.

It is imperative to any entity that is determined, passionate, and wilful on moving towards unknown that they have nothing of who they are when they have those thoughts. The driving force towards an unknown understanding can come from any position of yourself. Any place where you reside in a consciousness, physical or nonphysical, can start the momentum towards the unknown. Because it can start from any position it means then that the unknown is not dependent on the position that it started from. So your unknown does not come as a result of what you don’t know as a human being, as an example, it comes because it is unknown. How the human being then receives that unknown is dependent on its ability to reach the unknown potential without attachment to its identity. If it holds the attachment to its identity, then the unknown potential is of course coming off the human being and so it will relate to human experiences. The entity will still have the thought that they are in unknown potentials but really what they are doing is exploring realities that they don’t know of as the human being.

The greater minds, the great ones who look towards the unknown, of course have no identity. They have gone well past that stage and they are merely taking their mind forward into places or experiences or ideas or creations or aspects of any reality that they have never had any reference to in any of their positions. The simplest way then to approach and realise you are one of those minds at the edge of that thought, is to check - have I got anything attached to that thought? Am I holding any reference points? Am I tethering any of who I am or who I think I am to that unknown? And if you tethered in any way, you cut the binds until such moment as you are clear of everything that you thought you were, including God. And in that great state of nothingness you then move on your divine knowing to the unknown taking with you nothing.

Those that have mastered this know exactly what is being spoken about. Those that are desirous to master this will go through the process of untethering themselves with their self. What is the allure of the unknown? It is the great antidote to boredom because it is the spirit determining its magnificent forging forward, untethered to everything that it previously was. Now I reiterate that this can happen at any point of reference of self so you can be at any place in your created reality as whom you think you are, untether yourself completely from that, and focus into an unknown potential. As long as you are not connected to anything of what you thought you were, you can move into that unknown potential. What this means then is that one does not need to or have to be at the pinnacle of their godhood or the returning point of all wisdom to indeed approach the unknown. This is a relief.

If the only proviso is that you are untethered to who you think you are, certainly it is effortless to reach unknown potentials. The reason this is so key is because within each reality of expression, whether that is a lifetime, a parallel reality, a dimension, a level of consciousness, physical, nonphysical, wherever it is it means that there are unknown potentials everywhere - everywhere. And isn’t that just the most wonderful thing to understand that you have in your physical manifested reality, unknown potentials in that reality. You don’t have to go to the limitlessness of universes as if you have travelled through every star system and every solar system and every galaxy and you have seen every minute aspect of the entire versions of life, to then know you can reach an unknown potential.

It is so refreshing to know that all you need to do is untether everything that you are, and focus into an unknown potential, and that unknown potential can come to you from the physical material plane if that is where it is to come from. Who determines where the unknown potential comes from? If you have untethered everything, well it’s going to be a little bit difficult then. Suddenly your physical human body is now having no identity, no image, nothing of what it was, and it is focusing on an unknown potential that it can’t attach to the physical reality because if it does that then it is tethering itself back to its human form. So how does it come through as an unknown potential that is untethered and who is determining that? The who that is determining that is the who that is focusing on the unknown potentials in other places, from other points of reference.

When you strip away everything from whatever position it is that you are in, the unknown potentials that will reach you have to be frequency specific to where you are at that point because an unknown potential that reaches you from a state of being where you are not currently positioned, won’t have any way of becoming into your reality. The beauty of the design then is that untethering wherever you are will lead you to the full representation of an unknown potential in all its different forms and non-forms, guises, like a great concertina file. And wherever you approach it from will be the file that you take from that concertina. It will still be as unknown and as remarkable wherever you are in that concertina file because it is the same unknown potential, it is just represented differently for your experience.

And here we have an extraordinary expansion of the universe, of consciousness, of the self. It can go on and experience unknown potentials in all its represented beings, in all its represented selves, in all its forms, just by untethering itself from wherever it is and giving to its divine knowingness the opportunity to bring forward an unknown potential that is currently being explored by- it - in many different realities. The relief in this situation is of course then you don’t have to know everything to be exploring an unknown.

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