Symposim of Thought - Introduction

Symposium of Thought
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In the symposium of thought we gather with great minds and we bring into one place a collective of consciousness that allows the greatest exploration of thought to be exposed and illuminated. The symposium of thought moves through light waves and gathers the consciousness of the greatest aspect of each individual who is present and part of that symposium.

In this way the entities that are joining us in the symposium are joining us as the greatest aspect of themselves, whether they have the ability to turn up as that or not. Because the symposium travels in light waves it is connecting to that highest frequency aspect of themselves and bringing it into the physical body so that when we start to communicate and divulge this information, this great sharing of information, it is coming from aspects of the self that may not have previously been heard or opened for the individual.

This is a miracle in action. That individual will feel so attuned to the information because it is from them self and yet completely illuminated by it because it is beyond what they have previously ever touched on. The reason we know that they have previously not touched on this information from them self is because this is what the symposium is designed to do - to bring into form the consciousness of each individual who is present so that they may hear in recorded word their own greater thoughts.

And from those greater thoughts they take these away and they become springboards for their own exploration into their own divine consciousness. This is a symposium of thought. If you were nonphysical and you could envisage what it actually is in light terms, it is a gathering into one location of high frequency light waves that are carrying information – consciousness - that is profound by nature of the highest frequencies that it is. This set of light waves comes together into one place and exchanges this consciousness so that a greater understanding can come of this exchange.

When you are nonphysical it is much easier to comprehend what this is about because you bring to the symposium the totality of yourself and all your collated wisdom. You lay it out for the sharing of all these experiences which then adds to the great vessel or the mind of God. Bringing all these extraordinary minds together is what the symposium of thought is about and as we commune in one space, we recognise that we are joining and becoming more oneness than ever before. What we then take away from that experience as the divine beings is the entirety of all that consciousness which we then apply into our individual expression wherever that may be.

If you took a group of extraordinary beings, divine minds, shared intimately with them the wisdom of your experiences, your knowledge, your unique individual expression, your creations, your contemplations, and then you move off that group garnering all the knowledge that is there from the others and taking that with you, because it is formed as light it moves effortlessly. What happens then is you have additional rings, bands, on your light form so that great orb you are leaves the symposium with full understanding, which is observed as additional lines, rings of knowledge.

An orb then if you were to imagine what it would look like on departure versus arrival, is brighter, more defined, stronger and may have expanded into additional rings of self. That then becomes its expression as it moves off the symposium of thought and into its new realities of creation. Or indeed back to where it was prior - home, physical, nonphysical. Wherever it goes it takes the symposium of thought and collation of knowledge with it and it is so intimately absorbed into it that it is unable to discern where that information stopped and started once it departs because it is now with the oneness of the mind of God that the symposium represents.

There is a divine field that has been created in this symposium of thought that will allow the immersion of the information so that it will attach to the entity in light fields and bypass any resistance or fear that may be manifest through the physical personality of a human or any other physical being. In doing so we recognise that the only entities present in the symposium of thought are those that are vibrationally aligned as non-polarised benevolent beings. This is who the symposium of thought will attract and is for and in that space, we know then that each individual will joyfully absorb the consciousness via the light fields of the others that are present with them.

The way that the translation into words occurs will be profound and of course enriching when the individual departs because the knowledge has been recorded into the light fields and then translated through into physical manifest reality via verbal dialogue. This can then be referred back to other points in time if the entity wishes to share or recall its experiences and reconnect if it is required with those higher light fields where it was when it attended the symposium of thought.

We welcome your presence there and we know you will be richly endowed with divine consciousness and extraordinary experiences.

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