Great Teachers - Introduction

A School for Great Teachers
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Somewhere in the galaxies there is a school for great teachers. Within this school entities who have gleamed great knowledge and chose for themselves to share that knowledge, collect in mind. Their decision to be there is chosen by themselves because they know that when they teach as the great beings they are, they are holding the keys to the mind of God. Meaning that their status as great teachers holds keys to all the entities that are exposed to them giving those entities access to the mind of God.

The school of great teachers doesn’t exist anywhere. It is not located; it exists only in mind. The reason there isn’t just one overarching teacher is because different entities chose to be part of this school and their splinter factions came about because they determined the greatest way of teaching. They worked out the greatest way of teaching with the same purpose as all the others - to give anyone that would listen, any entity that would be part of it, access to the mind of God. That is the ultimate goal of these teachers in this school.

Because they created the understanding that their way of teaching is the best, achieves the purpose, gives to the recipients everything that they need to know, and because there isn’t only one, this is what created different schools of thought. Because every teacher that went to that place where they learn that they are a teacher, and they elect to be a great teacher of consciousness, of mind, of future, and to deliver wisdom that is eternal … and because each one that went is unique their method is the best because they are a great mind. You wouldn’t create anything other than that. But because there is more than one, their methods are different.

So you have across consciousness great teachers, great minds: same purpose different messages, different presentation tools, same purpose. If there was only one mind that did it - one great teacher - the risk of the collapse of thought is too great because that teacher is grooming consciousness to be like it, in so much as - its way is the best way. Consciousness will follow the teacher - the great mind - because the great teacher has created that its way is the best way. If you only have one teacher, then the diversity of thought across all consciousness eventually starts to wane no matter how great the original basis of the information is.

It’s in the diversity of the teachers and the knowledge that there are different beings there that are great teachers, that thought is able to be explored differently, all with the same purpose - to recognise and be the mind of God. And in the journey of each of the individuals that is supported by such a great teacher, they are painting beautiful pictures on the walls in the rooms. Everyone is God. Not everyone is able to be connected and in communication with all consciousness. There are gods everywhere and they are their greater mind as God. And their God is only as great as they are. They are omniscient but the omniscience is only as far as their mind allowed them to go. The reason then that you have talk about gods creating realities making DNA, and that these gods in some way disconnected from the all-encompassing source or one, is because they are in order to be termed gods, separate from oneness - marginally as it may be.

Oneness has no words, it just is. So, the great teachers - back to the topic of course - the Hall of Ascended Masters, or the beings that are in observation of the entities as they traverse their journey to the mind of God, those beings are one in their communication with each other, not in competition with each other. They all have the same purpose, but their methods are different, their school of thought is different. Could I make this any clearer?

Competition between the teachers only occurs through the minds of those that think in terms of competition, it does not occur with the teachers. So, lesser mind will think that these teachers are in competition with each other and that is not the case. These teachers are intimately linked as the one mind of God and they know it. All they have done is create different schools to work through: different ways to ensure the absolute depth of all consciousness. It is only the lesser mind that would look at great teachers and wonder why they don’t seem to communicate with each other or why they are different. Or why one seems to be better than the other.

These teachers that went to this school that learnt how to be great teachers, by their choice, didn’t go there for a big competition, nor did they have jealousy or envy in any of their state. They are well past that or they wouldn’t be in this particular school we speak about. They went there to communicate as one mind, one vast extraordinary mind with the same purpose - to bring more home to God, to be the mind of God. They came with that same purpose and that one mind is what understood the different schools, the different teachers, different methods, were in alignment with the greatest potential for all.

This will explain many things and it also sets up for this compendium how the walls between the rooms are now porous.

Thank you.

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