Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence - Introduction

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As we explore the different ways that that intelligence is expressed based on the genetic template of each species of being, we’re going to build a compendium of thought which helps us to understand that not only are there vast minds in the universe, but that the extra-terrestrials in some places are not so different to humans and in others completely foreign so much so that you will feel as if you are listening to another language. The rapid translation of extra-terrestrial intelligence, the languages into text type, words, at times will be a little cumbersome. Bear with the expression of the words as best you can because this language is not common tongue.

The communication from each group will come from an entity within that clan or species or community that is articulate enough in languages that it can make the information intelligible. This would indicate that the speakers we engage in extra-terrestrial intelligence are educated in so far as they know of a broader reality than their own. As mentioned, the intelligences in some part will be relatively similar to humans who also think they are alone in the universe, for the most part.

These extra-terrestrial intelligences, when they speak, if they are able to, they will bring their presence with them so that as you read or hear the words you are able to feel with the knowingness the distinct understanding of who they are. They cannot do that without your help and all they request is an open mind and an open heart. Some of these entities will already be on the earth and engaged with its activities. Others will be nowhere near it and most likely unaware of it.

The definition of the term extra-terrestrial intelligence is relevant. Extra-terrestrial means any entity that is not of earth, humans. Intelligence means that they are entities with intelligence, they are not species or beings that are off the earth plane but hold very little intelligence. Intelligence by definition means to have intellect, knowledge, wisdom, experience and understanding. If we take this as our definition, then the entities coming forth to speak and to be part of the extra-terrestrial intelligence, are indeed intelligent. This will filter out numerous other extra-terrestrials that would clutter the words and narrow our great understanding that this information will bring of great races of extra-terrestrials, and a few in between.

So, without further ado, let’s go meet our first ambassador for extra-terrestrial intelligence.

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